Friday, March 09, 2007


I'm feeling better today. I still have a hellacious weekend ahead and am not EVEN ready to start packing, much less moving, but I think it's safe to say the breakdown is just about over.

The worst part was yesterday evening when I had to sit down at the table and cry real tears over burnt pine nuts. Thank god I had D. there to say things like, "Um, sweetie, maybe you shouldn't try to wash dishes, make pasta, toast pine nuts and sweep the floor all at the same time." He's right. Something was bound to give.

But, you see, pine nuts are the key ingredient in my pasta salad. Toasted almonds are a poor substitution, but they're all I had left.

Maybe that's the key to recovery, though - relying on poor substitutions and apologizing to everyone who tries to compliment you on what is CLEARLY a sub-par pasta salad.


carolyn says said...

i'll see your crying over pine nuts and raise you to crying in a london pub because i couldn't figure out how to get through the crowd and get to the bathroom! at least that's the best reason i have for crying, although i imagine it was based in something much deeper and anxiety based.

glad you had someone there to talk to through it though. even if almonds are a poor substitute

Alannah said...

Crowded public places often make me feel like crying. Talk about anxiety!

Your job sounds awfully stressful. I'm glad you'll get to go away soon. I have my birthday to look forward to as well.