Friday, March 02, 2007

Domesticity, Y'all

Holy crap! We found a place! Huge vaulted ceilings, enormous bedrooms, screened in upper deck, lower patio space. D. and I will have a fireplace in our bedroom.

bow chika bow bow.


Matt said...

So jealous!!

New place sounds great, and a fireplace in the bedroom is going to be perfect on the cold winter nights. Get ready with the marshmellows!

carolyn says said...

mazel tov! it sounds awesome. will you have a bearskin rug too?

Jeannie's New Mid Life said...

I'm very jelous- mostly about the fireplace in the bedroom- but wishing you lots of Happy!

Alannah said...

Oh I'm totally getting a bearskin rug. My inspiration will be the ski chalets in 60s movies like The Pink Panther and Two For The Road.

Thanks! We're pretty excited about it.

5 of 9er said...

I have always wanted the fireplace in the bedroom... so great.