Thursday, March 08, 2007

Is She Weird?

You know, I really feel for the Britney Spears of this world. Who can't say they've never felt like they're going to lose it, just implode? The drastic and visceral things like shaving your head, or ditching the kids to hang out at hotel pools borrowing strangers' bikinis (yeah, I read US, and passing out in nightclubs are merely attempts at cutting through the numbness. Luckily (I guess), I'm too self-conscious and have far too powerful of a maternal guilt complex to have a public meltdown like Britney's.

Instead I'll forgo showers for a few days, stay in bed watching E!'s 50 Greatest Celebrity Break-ups, and My Life On the D-List, eating orange sorbet at 11am for breakfast . Then I'll take a long, hot shower, cry to my boyfriend, put on my best attempt at a cute outfit and makeup and drive around in the sun listening to The Pixies as loud as I can stand. If that doesn't work then I know I'm fucked. 'Cause I can't afford the luxury of rehab.

Today I chose Bossanova, which I hadn't listened to in forever. The surf-y guitars and the warm, sunny day seemed like a good fit.

Let's see how it goes.


5 of 9er said...

The Pixies are always a great rehab! :)

StormySleep said...

Pixies, yeah. Orange sorbet, good, orange sherbet, better, Ben & Jerry's anything at all with fudge and brownies, better still. Course, that makes the cute outfit a little snug, but what the hell.

Take a need one, right? Take one, take one, take one. Play hooky? Even an hour or two?

Sending you pina colada dreams...