Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Movin' On Up

I've been very busy moving, saying goodbye to my first group of international scholars and readying for the next group to arrive this weekend. That first group was very special. I had six scholars from five countries and we really got to know each other well. We took road trips, had long conversations about the state of the world, sipped tequila, ate many memorable meals, and just plain bonded. Several of them told me that they had been discouraged to come to America, that people in their countries tried to talk them out of it, that they had come here with preconceived notions of what it would be like here. I'm sure some of those notions were reinforced (the size of our vehicles, meal portions and waistbands, for example), but I also think some were proven wrong. I have friends, now, in Brazil, Mexico, China, and Russia and I can't wait to visit them. It's a great feeling.

The move is nearly completed. I haven't lived with a boyfriend since Stella's father - when I was twenty! Oh the things I didn't know back then....jeez. I'm sure there's a lot I still don't know about cohabiting. It's certainly an adjustment, but an adjustment I'm ready for and want to make. Nothing can really beat curling up in bed to watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report together, or listening to This American Life on Sunday mornings, or when D. makes me omelets. It's just easy and comfortable and good. Not to mention the fact that he's being very tolerant of my newest addiction - Zookeeper on Stella's Nintendo DS. It's this ridiculous little game where you have to match up animals, like Connect Four but on a screen with simplistic animal graphics. It's like Tetris for pre-schoolers. I LOVE IT. I turn 32 in eleven days. What is WRONG with me?

I have pictures and other assorted things I've been saving up for the ol' blog but those will have to wait.


Anonymous said...

I've missed a lot...what do you do with your international students? Happy Cohabiting!

Alannah said...

I've had this job about 4 months now. I work at an intensive English language school, connected with the University. I work with international scholars who are given grant money, as part of their studies, to come to the States to increase their English fluency. The main group I work with are advanced scholars in some form of social justice, so they're very concerned with how to make this world better. It's incredibly inspiring, hearing their stories.

StormySleep said...

I think my purpose in your blog life is to make you feel less crazy. My personal addiction (and secret shame, along with an insane passion for Funniest Home Videos, don't tell anyone) is TETRIS. Online Tetris will keep me going for hours and hours. Just one more, ok after I score XX again, well I have to try again because that one was so crappy, just one more. And so on for hours.

Maybe we should start a secret society: GAWWLVG.

Grown-ass women who love video games. We'll be co-presidents.

Alannah said...

I used to LOVE Tetris - love it so much that I would dream of creating perfect fits and the shapes coming faster and faster. I still play online Tetris when I need a break, but these Nintendo DSes....they're so cute and handy and fun to play.

I read one time that women in particular love Tetris (or games like it) because we have an obsessive need to create order.

WHO, US???

carolyn says said...

tetris was always the one game i could beat my brother at! that's why i loved it, bollocks to order! (see that, it's british slang, i'm being assimilated)

glad to see you have moved and are back online. i missed your luscious luscious words!