Thursday, March 01, 2007

Testament To The Wide Variety Of Topics Covered Herein

A sampling of the latest Google searches that brought (brung..this is Arkansas) people to this here site:

  • Working for a Japanese boss
  • Dolly Parton in spandex pictures
  • Dulwich ukulele club (still trying to figure this one out. I don't believe I've ever even used the words "Dulwich" or "ukulele")
  • Brazilian food
I'm feeling just a little bit proud of the diversity of topics discussed at little ol' Sufferin' Succotash.


carolyn says said...

i think i may have mentioned the dulwich ukulele club in your comments section at some point, because how could i not?

how do you find out about this google keyword stuff?

Alannah said...

Do you have a statcounter? If not...get one...STAT!

(sorry, can't help but make bad puns)

Matt said...

Oh boy, sounds like it's time for a contest. Although I can already tell you I will win for "anna nicole smith dentures", "mitch mustain homosexual" and "france sucks".

Lori Mocha said...

I want to see Dolly in spandex, please.

Jeannie's New Mid Life said...

"Dolly Parton in spandex pictures"
That had to me!!