Monday, April 09, 2007

Here's To Women Who Won't Shut Up

I hate Monday mornings. I really hate the Monday mornings like today where I'm still tired and run-down. I worked most of the weekend, in one respect or another. I haven't been getting enough sleep or taking care of myself. I'm preparing for some Spring detoxing. But that shit's one wants to hear about my liver.

What I really want to talk about is one of the high points of the weekend - watching movies. We saw a documentary about The Dixie Chicks, Shut Up and Sing. I've always liked The Dixie Chicks, mostly for their harmonies. I admired them for playing their own instruments (very well, I might add) and for being your average sassy Southern women. I never bought their albums but didn't mind hearing their music. After the whole "ashamed George Bush is from Texas" debacle I started to pay more attention to them. I thought it was brave that these women would publicly declare such a thing, especially back in '03, when we were told we'd just be in and out of Iraq (remember "shock and awe?") and it seemed most of the country was behind the president.

After watching this film, I admire them even more. They didn't back down one bit after essentially losing the biggest chunk of their audience. The film is a fascinating look into the lives of powerful, creative women who are also wives and mothers. We get to see some of the creative process when they were working on their latest album (I love the ironic postscript, watching this documentary knowing that the album won a ton of Grammys and was a relative financial success) and also see the inner workings of the people behind the brand The Dixie Chicks. It was inspiring to see three women who love and support each other so much. In many ways I felt like this film portrays the ultimate American dream: working hard to get to the top, saying what you believe, standing behind your words, weathering the fallout, refusing to give in to public opinion and then working even harder to share the truth as you know it and coming back out on top.


Lori Mocha said...

I am coming out of the closet as a Dixie Chicks fan.

Their harmonies are irresistible.

And they have ovaries of steel.

What's not to love really?

Aside from the name. Never was on board with their name.

Alannah said...

I knew you'd be with me, Lori.

Yeah, I don't like the name either....but you know it came from the Little Feat song, right? That makes it marginally better...I guess.

You have to see that'll fall even more in love with them.

Lindsley said...

Thanks for the review and the recommendation. I am looking forward to watching these inspirational women at work.

Love your blog!

Alannah said...

Thanks Lindsley. You're another inspirational woman who won't shut up....I'm so grateful for that. I'd love to know who you're leaning towards in 2008 (I'm assuming Hillary?) and generally pick your political brain.

5 of 9er said...

I love that movie! :)

StormySleep said...

These women are lady-like. If you ask me. Speaking of lady-like, which you did in the next post.

Lady-like = strong.