Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Lady Is A Tramp

There was a funny exchange last weekend wherein D. remarked that he was the ladylike one in our relationship. I can’t remember what crude comment I’d made but I’m sure it would make my grandmother blush (don’t worry, Mommom, I’ll try to remember you read this) so I'm pretty sure he's right.

The notion of being “ladylike” is a complicated issue for me.
For one, I was raised in the South where ladylikeness is next to godliness. Yet for another, I was raised to be a feminist and to speak my mind and stand up for myself and call bullshit when necessary. I have no problem speaking out (“hollering” we call it) when I need to. I’m comfortable with my body and its processes. Does that make me unladylike? I say filthy things, but am also very aware of the situation I’m in when I choose to say them. Does that make me unladylike? I also say “please” and “thank you” and “yes and no, ma’am and “sir.” I mean, I’ve got manners, people. I just don’t always mind them.

And if this is what it means to be a lady, well then I'm happy to not be one.

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