Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Older, Not Wiser

You know you've had a good birthday when you find this on the floor the next morning:

Oh yes, the ol' John Cougar Mellencamp songbook came out at some point. I'm pretty sure we made it "Hurt So Good." What a great birthday - great company, a good meal, champagne, and lots of singing.

We had an eventful drive down to Little Rock, getting caught in the middle of a high speed police chase. It was like out of a movie. We were right there when the robber ladies decided to spin around and drive INTO ONCOMING TRAFFIC ON THE INTERSTATE, coming directly towards us. A cop car ran into a ditch, and the officer ran in our direction after them, gun drawn and everything. We realized what a crazy tense situation it was and, rather than the rubberneckers behind us, drove off only too happy to put it far behind us. It was maybe a little too much excitement for a Saturday afternoon.

This is what D. gave me:

It's like the Cadillac of food processors! I'm very excited...can't wait to make sauces, salsa, bread dough, etc. I'm amassing quite a collection of kitchen appliances.

And....the lilacs are blooming.


carolyn says said...

you shall invent the greatest birthday soup of all time!

happy birthday

we have lentil potage recipe that kicks ass and would totally break in that food processor if you want it

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Happy birthday!
Sheesh I wish I would have known - a post to wish you a happy birthday would have been just what I needed to get out of my anti-blogging funk.

Alannah said...

Carolyn - Lay that lentil recipe on me...I love to say "potage."

Cherry - it's never too late to wish me happy birthday. NEVER!

5 of 9er said...

Pulling out the Coug songbook... wowzers - you know things went well. :) Happy Birthday!

StormySleep said...

I'll take you at your word, that it's never too late:


Looks like it was wonderful. Next year I'll catch you on time....

Matt said...

Crap, you're a 4/4 baby, too? I knew there was something too perfect about you.

Alannah said...

Oh, no, sorry. I'm a 3/31 baby. It just takes me days to write a post lately.