Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Unedited, Unprepared, Emotional Blatherings

I think, much like after the tragedies I mentioned in my last post, I need to take a break from the news. It just upsets me more. See...I fool myself into thinking I want more information but the news doesn't really even give me straight-up information. It's opinions and hearsay and speculation and, well...just bullshit. It seems like the big news people want everyone to be angry with the campus policies of VA Tech. I keep hearing anchors ask eyewitnesses, "But aren't you ANGRY that the campus wasn't locked down?" Objection! That's leading the witness!

It's natural for people to be angry and freaked out and grief-stricken by this event. But it's not the fault of the university any more than it's the fault of "gun-control laws." That's another one....I can't believe some people have the nerve to argue that this horrific act could have been "prevented" if college students were bearing arms in their classes.

I spent more than two hours tonight working through a roommate conflict with three of my international students: a Brazilian, a Mexican and an Egyptian. It's funny how they kept wanting to make the conflict about cultural values when it was clearly just plain ol' roommate stuff. Everyone is desperate to be understood as a product of his or her culture. I think we finally came to an understanding but it's going to take a lot of patience and a stronger desire to understand than to be understood for these women to live together happily.

I'm glad I love my roommate. I'm glad I love my job. I'm glad I (unconditionally) love my child who is now old enough to test the boundaries of unconditional love on a daily basis. I'm glad I love other people in a world that lately feels overburdened by hate.

I'm not really sure what I'm getting at or why I felt the need to say all this tonight. I'm struggling, like everyone else, to make sense of things that are impossible to comprehend.


Anonymous said...

It does seem like this world is overshadowed by hate in many different forms but remember there are just as many stories of love in the world. Unfortunately, those stories do not always make the news.
May your child someday come to truly appreciate the unconditional love bestowed upon her.

Jeannie's New Mid Life said...

I have avoided the coverage for the very same reason-it's awful how the media hypes up the theories about who failed to do what -oh and my favorite reporting the shooter was being investigated as a possible terrorist at one point, before they released his name? Of course cluing us in he was a student from overseas..Anything to get viewers watching their channel.

5 of 9er said...

I found myself turning off the news and all of the programs about the sadness. It can be very depressing to think about how much hate there is in this world... in our backyards. Liked your post a lot today. :)

Lori Mocha said...

I quit watching the news on tv a looooonnnnnng time ago.

Not watching has really improved my mental health.