Thursday, May 24, 2007

_________ and Bits (and bits and bits)

Interesting article today in Salon about pet foods. It's uncanny timing, too, because just last weekend, after a particularly gruesome bout of canine intestinal issues, I spent a day making chicken stock. I ground up the spent chicken meat with brown rice and carrots, and froze it. It made enough food for Lucy for at least a week and a half. The difference has been noticeable. It seems counterintuitive to work so hard to feed my family healthy meals and then to feed the dog anything coming from questionable sources. I didn't use organic chickens, though. I'm not perfect. Or loaded.

On a related note....I really hate the use of the word "kibble" in place of dog food. It's so cutesy and annoying. I especially hate it when Patricia McConnell says it on Calling All Pets. And she says it at least once per episode. While we're on the topic, I don't really care for Calling All Pets too much, either. I especially hate the theme song. That bird whistle! Arrrghhh! Too bad, because it comes on right after This American Life so I'm often lunging to turn off the radio instead of relaxing and savoring the varied stories I'd just heard.


StormySleep said...

You know what I hate even more than kibble? BABY BUMP. When did that happen? I never had baby bumps. I had big stomachs. Big bulging baby stomachs. Big oh-my-god-that- can't-be-real baby stomachs. Baby bump is cutesy in the same way kibble is cutesy. I hate to sound like a grouchy misanthrope, but grrr, cutesy.

Alannah said...

OH MY GOD, LORI, YES!! That's another near the top of my list of Words I Hope To Never Hear Again.

I should design and sell a t-shirt that says "It's a baby, not a bump."