Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dear Diary...

It's funny. I feel like I don't have much to say...or I could say a hundred little things. Nothing's coming together for a cohesive, topical blog post.

We're going on housewide liver cleanse next week so we've been preparing by purging the cupboards and fridge of white flour, sugar, dairy, and booze. I feel bloated, nauseated, cranky, tired, headachey and completely ready to clean myself out.

I met D.'s grandparents for the first time last weekend. I helped his grandmother prepare lunch and she asked me to finish making the gravy. If you're from the south, you know what a litmus test that is, making the gravy. I won't lie; I was nervous. But she liked it (and therefore, me), despite the lumps - what a relief!

There was a nest of baby birds right outside our bedroom that flew away last week, just as I was becoming obsessed with them...figures. But now there are TWO SEPARATE litters (batches? hatchings?) of baby geese down at the stream behind our place. We keep the binoculars at arm's reach pretty much at all times now. After that disastrous late season freeze in April, it feels even more triumphant than usual to see new green leaves and baby animals. I hope to spend this weekend transplanting.

Every day I marvel at how quickly my daughter is growing and changing. This age (12) is the most obnoxious so far. She thrashes about in her bigger body, careening from one end of the house to the other. She talks about diets and not liking her legs. She cuddles me out of nowhere, hanging on to my neck for what feels like dear life. A little girl one minute, a freaked-out teenager the next. Everything seems confusing. She needs braces. I'm bracing myself for the next six years.

We talk politics a lot. Every choice has extra weight added, every purchase feels like a vote.

I'm reading again, making jewelry. My friends are scattered all over and I miss them.

I love my job, even when it leaks into the rest of my life. I had a ladies-only party for the students last weekend so the Muslim women could de-scarf and unveil and feel comfortable. We ate a lot and danced to Brazilian music. I hid out on the porch where it was cooler and someone had sneaked a bottle of wine, out of respect for the women inside.

It's rained all week. I'm tired.


5 of 9er said...

I too love hiding out on the porch when it's was cooler... especially someone has sneaked a bottle of wine. :) Nice post today.

carolyn says said...

i miss having a porch. we're in the process of getting our garden in order and soon it will be like a porch with trees. and laundry.

sometimes your posts make me want to move to arkansas

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you enjoy having some more serious talks with your daughter now that she is 12 but most of all just enjoy each other's company. This is the advice of someone who has no children but wishes she did and her time may have passed for that so just remember the source. I just think if I did have a child I would most of all enjoy the time with him/her with or without the seriousness.
I really try not to be so serious with the blogging. Please excuse me.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

I'm with Carolyn. I want to move to Arkansas. Great post.