Wednesday, May 02, 2007

"The World is Funny. And People Are Funny."

This is so me: I have a big stack of unread, recommended books and what do I do? I reread an old favorite. I've been rereading Birds of America and not regretting it for a minute. It was a perfect choice to read some short stories, actually, considering how busy I am. Lorrie Moore doesn't mince words so every sentence rings perfect, true, funny, poignant, and meaningful.

Another thing I do when I'm reading a book, or have watched a film is to check to see if Salon has reviewed it. In doing so today I found an old interview with Lorrie Moore. She had this wonderful thing to say in response to maybe being told that she's too funny for her own good:
I don't know, there is that prejudice against humor as somehow mucking up the seriousness of your endeavor. I don't really quite get that. I don't think it's a very sympathetic opinion. But whatever, everybody's entitled to it. I do feel that when you look out into the world, the world is funny. And people are funny. And that people always try to make each other laugh. I've never been to a dinner party where everyone at the dinner table didn't say something funny. If you're going to ignore that, what are you doing? You're just saying that part of the world, and that part of human nature, and that particular texture and vein that runs through human discourse, doesn't exist. And of course it exists.
Amen, sister! I think the only way I can cope in this global space wherein I feel compelled to suffer along with every other suffering person is to find humor anywhere I possibly can.

Who would ever say that someone is too funny for her own good anyway? A bitter, jealous person, that's probably who.

Now when the heck will Lorrie Moore publish another book?


carolyn says said...

for real, it's been ages aince she wrote that or who will run the frog hospital! she needs to get on the proverbial ball!

Lori Mocha said...

Serious is SO overrated.

I think people hear your point better if you can make them laugh while getting it across.

Lori Mocha said...

And I think almost everything is hilarious.

Except for the Blue Collar comics.

They aren't funny AT ALL.