Friday, June 22, 2007


It's shameful how little I post these days. I'll beat myself with a rope later. Promise.

Especially since I know people read this! It's so flattering/embarrassing/flattering when someone I know will mention something they read on here, or that this is how they keep up with me nowadays. Aw, shucks!

I've spent a large portion of my life wishing I were someplace else (physically, emotionally, mentally) so to feel satisfied and happy exactly where I am is kinda blowing my mind. Fayetteville is a good place for me to be right now. Perhaps because of the influx of people moving here all the time and threatening to change the "localness" of Fayetteville, there seems to be an equally powerful force of people who are working to keep Fayetteville a real community. Last night I went to a kickoff party for Fayetteville's faction of the Slow Food movement. I expected a few dozen people, but it was standing room only. I'm very excited to see people taking such an active interest in local, organic, fresh, homemade food and what it represents.

Also on the local topic, my fellow Fayetteville blog, All Sides of Life, alerted me to a fun event coming up. Next Saturday night, the wonderful local theatre company TheatreSquared is hosting an opening night fiesta for their play The Jungal Book. Sounds like it will be a fun night for all ages.

My friend Megan also alerted me to the fact that she's also a Fayetteville blogger. I'd actually call her much more than just a "Fayetteville blogger." She's an amazing painter and a really good writer as well (bitch!). I've been trying to get one of her paintings for years and a photography piece of her husband's is the best birthday present I've ever bought for myself. Even if you're not an artist, I think you'll find her ideas for self-promotion and creative time really valuable.

So what've I been up to? Oh, the usual....ferrying international students around, working on jewelry, making delicious meals, watching films and bad tv (hooray for the return of Top Chef and don't bother with Marie Antoinette!), listening to music, trying to raise a pre-teen without killing myself (or her), trying to keep my head on straight and my laundry done. Stella gets braces next week. Fuckin' braces!! Her rapper name will be 5G Teeth. She should just go ahead and get a nice set of grillz. Yes.....her mouth will cost the same as a decent used car. I'm hoping I'll have time for a vacation. Chicklet brought in a baby shrew last night which was by far the most exciting thing that happened in our house all week.

Father's Day brunch - I made blueberry-lemon corn muffins.

Stella with a friend's kitten. Doesn't she (the kitten) look like a little raccoon?


All Sides of Life said...

Thanks for the plug! I think the event will be a blast for the kiddos. I'm glad to see you are back!

megan said...

Wow- thanks for the plug... No need to curse me though!! I am reading your blog you know...and do I love it!! Talk about a great writer-that would be you sister!! Who do you think inspired me to start my blog... Aw shucks indeed!

carolyn says said...

what a mournful kitten. i bet it has a somber meow

Alannah said...

It was a joking curse, MC...meant as though we were both elegant drag queens or something. I need to get my ass over to Mullins to see your show next week. It's always a treat running into you.

and Carolyn - she is a bit of a mournful kitten. I think she needs to learn how to play the harmonica.

megan said...

"...meant as though we were both elegant drag queens or something."

I love that!!

Yes, please go see my show, it is coming down on the 29th, and a few of the pieces (4 in the dark hallway) are coming down on the 28th to be shown at Lacuna.

I'd love to know what you think.