Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cranky Pants Deluxe

I'm tired and stressed to the max from having to work two jobs the past few weeks. But I'll get on a bus tomorrow, the den mother/bad cop/cranky pants/stupid fat American on a bus full of Africans, and just ride for a week or so. And I'll get to tool around Washington DC by myself next weekend.

Right now, though, my stomach's a knotted mess and I still have too much to do before I leave and I'll miss my daughter and my boyfriend and our cat and dog a whole whole lot.

I now believe that one of the WORST JOBS ON EARTH (right up there with independent weapons contractor and biohazard waste clean-up duty) is Group Tour Coordinator. Making reservations, figuring out schedules and budgets - what a colossal pain in the ass. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!


jeff mac said...

I don't know, I bet an independent weapons contractor probably has a jet. I'm not saying you need to say yes right NOW, but after a week on that bus, you might want to consider creating a laser guided SOMEthing. How hard can it be?

Kick ass, Flossie. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Just remember, all those things that will make you pull your hair out on this trip will make you laugh a year (okay, 5 years) from now.

Jonah said...

Have a great time in DC and hang tough on the big issue. You are doing important work, even if you are underpaid and have to make other sacrifices. Someday the karmic accountant will reward real contributions with salaries equivalent to their contributions to society. This means a huge pay hike for you, but sports figures, bond daddies, arms contractors, college administrators, and other scam artists will then be eligible for food stamps.

5 of 9er said...

I don't know... biohazard waste clean-up duty is pretty awful, but a great conversation starter at parties.

Anonymous said...

I'd also like to lump actors and lawyers in the scam artist category.