Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Elections in the 21st Century!!

Did anyone else watch the Democratic candidates debate last night? With the questions asked via YouTube videos?

Watching it was torture. I was so embarrassed by America in general. The snowman asking about global warming....the rednecks....it was like the tryout tapes for America's Got Talent. I was cringing the entire time, either by the gimicky questions being asked or the slick, rote answers given by the candidates. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, John Edwards said the only thing he didn't like about Hillary was her dress. COME ON!!! Is it possible for a female in the public eye to be judged on something besides her appearance? Apparently not.

I'm beginning to think maybe we don't deserve democracy anymore.


jessica FitzPatrick said...

I liked Obamas recovery line about the top. I hope and assume that edwards felt like an ass after his comment.

jessica FitzPatrick said...

Kucinich is my favorite just cuz he is such a peace freak. I love it!

carolyn says said...

oh john edwards. why couldn't HIS wife be running for president too? I keep thinking he's almost okay but something about him still sort of bugs.

it's weird to be over here and out of campaign zone except when I choose to drop back in. kind of nice but weird.

Jeff Mac said...

When you said it was like tryout tapes for "America's Got Talent" I wasn't sure for a second if you meant the questioners or the candidates.

I guess it works either way, doesn't it?

I can't usually watch candidates this early. They're all still in the "trying to keep their flies zipped" phase, and I can't handle the vicarious stress.

Oh and I love Kucinich as well. Even though he doesn't have a prayer, I love that SOMEone has the balls to talk that way. Sad that the one candidate talking about peace as an actual goal is the "crazy" one.

Alannah said...

Oh I love Elizabeth Edwards...she seems more like a real person than just about anybody running for office.

Hillary is SO POLITICAL it drives me crazy. I wonder if she has her own opinions or thoughts or personal views on things.

Kucinich...dammit, he just doesn't have a chance.

5 of 9er said...

I was embarrassed as well. The fact that Obama had to talk about if he was "black enough" is just sad... although I thought he handled it well.