Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Non-newsy Nugget

Sting has a "grandiose ego?!" NO WAY!

What a dick.


Jeff Mac said...

Sounds like a misprint to me. Everybody who either A.)does yoga or B.) plays the lute is very, very humble.

Alannah said...

You got that right.

Ang and I saw Sting in concert back in like '96 in Memphis. A bunch of sex-starved wannabe new-agey housewives and us. We spent the night in the scariest, methiest, truckstop hookeriest motel in West Memphis.

That's what I associate with Sting now.

step right up said...

I'm confused how this can be an unlawful/improper termination based on sexual discrimination. Does termination due to a pregnancy fall under sexual discrimination?

Cook lady has a case if she can prove that reasonable accomodations could have been made but were not. But I'm also talking from a large business view point. A family hiring an individual for services is probably an entirely different bag of worms.

I think I will scratch out the word GOLD on my Fields of Gold cd and replace it with meth.

Alannah said...

Boyfriend just emailed me to say that, upon careful reading of this article, it's actually Sting's WIFE who has the grandiose ego. My apologies to Sting whom, I'm sure, is humble as a Buddhist monk.

Anonymous said...

A Buddhist monk on meth at least