Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Time: Not On My Side

Y'all, I'm losing my mind. Whatever happened to "summertime and the livin' is easy?"

Why oh why did I say I love being busy? Can I take that back? Because I think I really love having time for myself instead. I've got episodes of The Dog Whisperer just PILING up on the DVR.

I've been eating well, though. No worries there. Sunday night was pan-seared Ahi tuna with a wasabi cream sauce served with jasmine rice and sauteed bok choy, orange, and yellow peppers. Dessert was coconut sorbet with sliced mango tangerines on top. I didn't even know that fruit existed (probably just a marketing strategy) but it's bright yellow, peachy, and delicious. I must say I'm a fan of fruit hybrids. Bring on the pluots and tangelos!


Anonymous said...

You should try the grapple.

I am going to have to quit visiting your site soon. I plan on going on a diet soon. Not that your food is fattening. It just makes me hungry! ha ha
Or maybe you could type up a FOOD WARNING sign before you start describing or showing the food.

Alannah said...

No! Don't stop visiting! I promise I'll start posting pictures of what I ate for dinner last night (apples and crackers) or my cooking disasters (sprouted wheat pasta with pesto....healthy, glue-y, nasty).

Anonymous said...

I am going to indulge in food and drink all weekend long. The diet begins on Monday. (insert the tune to the sound of doom in the silent movies here)

5 of 9er said...

Summer time just seems to fly by faster and faster each year as I get older. There is a few beautiful weeks, and then it's hot and humid and I am grumpy.

Jae said...

Your menus sound super impressive- they inspire me to cook SOMETHING. Nothing impressive or exciting... but SOMETHING. Tonight it was homemade mac 'n cheese. Hey! HOMEMADE is a step in the right direction!