Friday, August 03, 2007

Bear With Me!

I just got in trouble with my dad for not posting a daily entry. I will. Just not now.

We're in DC. Every single minute has something planned. I have to pay $12 an f'in day for internet access at this fancy schmancy hotel and wouldn't have time to use it anyway. I'll try to get up early enough tomorrow to head across the street to the cafe where there's free wireless, good coffee, and best of all....PEACE AND QUIET!!


miss marty said...

i wish i had a free day to drive up to dc to have coffee with you!! THEN we could discuss the book and your adventures.

Afro Moon said...

I just wanted to see if this worked so I can post hilarious comments for your reading enjoyment.
Can't wait to see you & hear about your adventure!
Miss You Much (just like the Janet Jackson song)