Monday, August 06, 2007

Home, Sweet Home

I got home last night after taking just about every form of modern transportation available (except for a boat) to get home. We took a cab to Union Station in DC, a train to BWI airport stop, a shuttle bus to the actual airport, a plane to Newark, another plane to Arkansas and then my own car back home. HOME! Finally.

I've never been so happy to return to a hotter-than-hell, flea-ridden house!

The weekend in Washington was eventful, just like everything else. We were busy with the conference so I didn't get a chance to see anything that I wanted to see. But I'll go back when D. and Stella and I can go together and be as touristy as we want to be.

I really just wanted to walk around taking pictures of buildings.
This one was in Atlanta, actually, across from the King Center.

Washington seems to have nothing but beautiful old buildings like these.

And these.

I think this is the FBI building. I thought it was appropriately forboding and impenetrable-looking.

You know, monuments and stuff.

It wouldn't have really been appropriate for the students to see me flipping it off, now would it?


carolyn says said...

i dunno, i think you flipping off the white house would have shown them excellent examples of protest and free speech. it would have been educational

Jeff Mac said...

Yeah, but then again, don't hate the house, hate the housed, you know?

Congrats on making it back home. (If it were up to me, I'd only ever leave to go get waffles.)