Monday, August 06, 2007

How The Students Saw Me

This was funny.

I have a bunch of the students' photographs on my computer because I am putting them all together. I don't have many pictures of myself and now I have a ton and it's weird to see how I look through another's camera. Apparently I spent most of the trip on the phone, bent over my notebook, sweating, holding my hair up, and squinting.

I did get interviewed by a local television station in Greensboro, though!


Anonymous said...

Note to YOUR self: Next time in South bring butt load of pony tail holders

miss marty said...

O.M.G. actual photographic documentation of alannah! unheard of! i know this, b/c yesterday i was updating my frames with new photos and couldn't find ONE of you and me together. boo!

Alannah said...

Come September I'd better keep my hands out of my hair and sit myself next to you so we can have some pictures together.

The funny thing is I know I compulsively put up and take down my hair....apparently the students only caught the "putting up" part.

Now you know why there's hardly any photographic documentation of Alannah. And if I could keep it that way, I would.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Long hair is a bitch, right? I was a long hair in around 1999. It was not uncommon for me to say, "My hair hurts."

Alisson said...

alannah, the pictures are good! you are lookin' good and should be proud of yourself. i hope that the trip was fun and i can't wait to see you whenever that may be.