Friday, August 10, 2007

Things NOT To Do On A Much-Needed Day Off

  • Work
  • Get my oil changed
  • Drag boyfriend along to hair appointment
  • Drag boyfriend along to David's Bridal
  • Try on bridesmaid dresses
  • Drive all over tarnation
  • Get lost taking daughter to friend's house
  • Fight with boyfriend

One day I'll learn to take my own advice.


miss marty said...

i had some very traumatic experiences at davids bridal. that is maybe my least favorite place to go — ever.

Alannah said...

I've had to go there at least once a year for the past three years.

It's the mecca for plummeting self-esteem.

step right up said...

Ok, no wonder you and the boyfriend got in a fight. You took the poor guy to a hair appointment AND to David's Bridal. Hope things got better.

I've never been to a David's Bridal but I hear they can be pushy.

Alannah said...

Yeah, I was pushing it.

I'm sure Jeff Mac has a manslation for what dragging a man to a hair appointment and a bridal salon will do to his psyche.

Jeff Mac, Manslator said...

It will make his psyche want to throw itself off a building. As you learned the hard way, I gather.

Sorry about that. We just don't have anything to play with in places like that. It's like when your mom would take you to the bank as a kid.

I'd consider getting your hair cut next door to a Circuit City or something.

Ohhhh, Circuit City, with thy many shiny objects with blinking lights and lists of features...

Anonymous said...

You know where I use to hate that my mom would take me as a kid? The meat department of the grocery store! Talk about someone taking their sweet time someplace. Pick out your hamhock and cuts of meat already Ma!

Alannah said...

Well, he got me back yesterday when I watched GOLF all day with him.

jeff mac, manslator said...

Holy cow. Golf. Went with the nuclear option, did he?

And SRU -- the worst for me was general clothes shopping. My mom could look at clothes (but not buy anything) for what seemed like days.

I usually spent my time crawling around underneath the clothes racks. Which, by the way, I would still do today if my girlfriend brought me along. (She does her best to avoid it, but sometimes it just has to be done.)