Monday, September 17, 2007

In The Meantime...

Blah. I don't feel like I have much to say. I loved waking up Saturday to the first foggy, crisp morning of fall. D. played music in Eureka last weekend, which is always fun. I'm taking time off from work this week to a.) volunteer at Stella's school, and b.) see Wilco and Dr. Dog in Little Rock! I can honestly say I'm equally excited about both. I want to get to know the teachers and kids at Stella's new school and I can't wait for D. to see Dr. Dog live. Both times I've seen them, they've put on a superfun, infectious show. You can't help but want to jump around and sing along.

I've been keeping up with y'all, though.

I turn to The Iconclast for my daily local news opinions. I read the news every day but don't always put it all together so concisely and smartly as he does.

Jeff Mac is one hilarious dude. And what a service he's providing!

Lori at Out of a Stormy Sleep is an incredible everything - writer, photographer, reader, recommender, explainer, muser, inspiration. I try to just soak up whatever she's offering each day.

Ho hum.

In other news, it's Hitchcock week on AMC. When did they decide to start running ads? BOOO! We've already watched The Birds and now Rope tonight. Such cheesy, hammy, creepy good fun.

I'm slowly hoisting myself back on the Healthy Eating Wagon. Tonight's dinner was fish tacos (fish baked, not fried) on sprouted corn tortillas with brown rice & veggies, tomatillo/serrano salsa and cilantro lime cream sauce (made with yogurt, not sour cream).


StormySleep said...

aw, Alannah! That may be the nicest two sentences anyone has EVER said about me. wow, you started my day with a smile. It's almost enough to distract me from the headache. :)

Have fun this week!

Jeff mac, said...

You rock, Flossie. Thanks so much for the plug.

And thanks for suggesting in your last post that I should own an ice cream maker. Sadly, my living space would probably increase if I moved INTO an ice cream maker.