Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wilco Report

Simply put, Wilco fucking rocked. We had great seats (thanks, Lisa and Graham!) and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. They played nearly all the songs I wanted to hear, both old and new, and just threw themselves into each one, right after the other. I missed all but the last three songs of Dr. Dog which sucks, and I'm sorry that more people weren't inside listening to them either. But I can't really complain because what could be better than seeing a band I love live and having them deliver everything I expected and more? And tonight we're going to see Lucinda Williams! It's an embarrassment of good live music riches around here!

And if I ever wondered what my generation looked like, I know. I think every Gen X-er in Arkansas was in the audience. Lots of tattoos, beginnings-of-crow's-feet, cowboy boots and ironic t-shirts.

Some blurry photos...the lights were as good as the sound.


david hayes said...

Wilco is awesome and I am jealous.

Anonymous said...

Just googling around to find photos and videos of the show and stumbled across your post. I'm pretty sure that one of those heads blocking your shot in the third photo down belongs to me!

Alannah said...

That's cool! What a small li'l state we've got here.

It looked like everyone who rushed to the front had so much fun and enjoyed it a little bit more.