Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Lots to say.....about the incredible wedding we went to last weekend, about what's going on. I had a whole idea for a blog post about Halloween candy and how candy tastes so much better when it comes in trick-or-treat sizes but I'm CARAZY here and just can't. As it is I've gotta rush home and help put together a robot costume for Stella.

But looky what we made last night! Stella and I used the kits and D. made the traditional one. We got hand cramps and achey backs and he was done in five minutes! But it was worth it, dontcha think?


Stephanie said...

Those jacks look spookishly wonderful! We still haven't carved ours - wonder if it's any fun to carve pumpkins in November?

carolyn says said...

those are great! someone actually brought a carved pumpkin to our party so we totally pretended we did it last night and that it hadn't come to us on the tube via east london

miss marty said...

wow! impressive handiwork!

Alannah said..., I think. I bet most of those compliments are for Stella's and they're well-deserved. She spent at least a few hours poking out the pattern on the pumpkin and then sawing away with the itty bitty pumpkin saw that comes with the kits.

Too bad we had one night of jack o'lantern glory before the pumpkins shriveled up and caved in.

ReckenRoll said...

The tree one is super cool!

Anonymous said...

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