Monday, October 15, 2007

Darkness All Around

There's a heavy metaphorical and physical cloud hanging over me today. It's dark and rainy. I'm beyond exhausted, mentally, physically, and emotionally. I'm not sad or upset - just drained. Everything feels like it's taking six times as long to accomplish.

Not to mention the fact that President Bush is situated about 20 miles away from me at this very moment.

Please send me funny pictures, stories, or brownies.


Alisson said...

Hey girl, you should probably eat some chocolate--I wish I could send you brownines!!! The "breaking news" on is about Pres Bush in Rogers!! Gross and I'm sorry for you to have to be so close to him.

Alannah said...

I miss you Alisson.

Please send me your new email address, too.

Alisson said...

I miss you too!!!
email is

miss marty said...

oh, buddy. i would be bummed if bush was within a 20 mile radius of me too. hopefully, you are home on the couch with some wine by now.... :)

maybe that video i sent you will help too.

StormySleep said...

Any item on this list. Any one at all.

Click here


Alannah said...

Thank you Alisson! XOXO

Excellent, Lori.

and if anyone's curious, here's the video Marty sent me. It's lovely.