Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I've been kinda down lately. Dealing with deep-seated issues. A few things are working to bring me out of it, though. The love of a good man (god that sounds corny...but you know what? It's true). Crispness of early fall and foggy mornings. Talking to old friends who live across the country. Getting to see friends in Little Rock and upcoming nuptials. And my daughter. I don't want to say too much and jinx it, but she's been a really pleasant, helpful, awesome 12 year-old lately. See? She cleaned her room:

And I discovered this little project she'd made all on her own. She cut up an old mitten and sewed together a little cat. I think she was just bored and wanted to make something. And here I was thinking she just hangs out in her room playing video games and watching trash tv. Isn't it the cutest?

Oh...and I came up with the PERFECT HALLOWEEN COSTUME. But it's going to remain a surprise for the time being.


miss marty said...

that little cat is freaking cute.

realization: a 12 year old is more responsible than me. stella's room is cleaner than my whole house.

Alannah said...

But you don't have someone telling you you can't get on the computer until your house is clean.

Works like a charm.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're feelin down in the dumps. Keep focusing on the positives. "This too shall pass"

5 of 9er said...

Thankfully there are not pins stuck all over the cat. :)

jeff mac, manslations.com said...

Hang in there, Flossie. Lots of stuff always gets all swirled up for me during the Fall -- it's always got the potential to be a melancholy time of year.

And listen, you better have good pictures of your Halloween costume.

My personal favorite from childhood was a homemade Luke Skywalker costume, the first fall after Star Wars came out. They didn't even have lightsabers you could buy in the store (if you can believe that merchandising was EVER that unprepared) so we took a white, plastic, hollow sword, and cut open the handle to stick a flashlight in there.

Now THAT was cool. In an extraordinarily dorky way.

Alannah said...

Oh I think you'll really appreciate this costume, Jeff Mac. I keep laughing just thinking about it.

StormySleep said...

Fall is funny that way -- it's easy to feel extremely alive in the midst of the cool air and all the leaves dying, but then it can flop around in a heartbeat and make you feel so blue. That plus life stuff can do a number on you.

But the world turns, my friend, as you know. My recommendation is not to listen to Mozart's Requiem, as I am doing right now, but instead to play some disco. Or 80s music, whatever your secret shame might be. Works like a charm. I can never be sad when K. C. and his brilliant Sunshine Band are urging me to do a little dance. I hope something helps you get down tonight. And by down I mean up.

good grief. That didn't work out.