Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Giddier Than a Schoolgirl

EEEEEEEE!!!!! I can't believe how lucky I am!

Okay, I should back up so you know why I'm so thrilled.

Remember how Anthony Bourdain is coming to my town? Well, I got too busy and forgot to get tickets until they were already sold out, so I resigned myself to watching his talk in another room in the library on closed circuit tv. Not too exciting...but worth it, I thought.

So tonight, Angela is over for dinner (I made BLTs w/ fresh whole grain bread, avocados, Petit Jean bacon...the works. She brought a tangy and bright Pinot Grigio and a lush and yummy Chianti) and we're just hanging out, watching America's Next Top Model when my phone rings and it's MY FAIRY GODSISTER offering me not one, but TWO tickets to Anthony Bourdain. And not just his talk but the VIP cocktail reception beforehand as well! With a menu that he has picked out! I'm on Cloud friggin' Nine. I feel like I'm going to get to meet Jimi Hendrix.

Now I wish I could find my copy of Kitchen Confidential....

This is exactly the pick-me-up I needed.


carolyn says said...

are you gonna jump on him and lick his face to steal his essence of chef?

Alannah said...

Carolyn, you're gonna get me in trouble with D.! There will be no jumping and no licking, but possibly theft of chef essence.

carolyn says said...

i don't know how you're gonna steal his chef essence without any licking, i've read enough sci fi and fantasy books that some sort of consumption needs to be involved.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you! Isn't it great to be surprised with wonderful news?

Sounds like you made BLATs last night not BLTs since you included avocados.