Saturday, October 20, 2007

I Think American Women Are Funnier, Though

Hey ladies! Want to feel extra dull, ugly, stupid, fat, boring, and worthless?

Well then by all means watch the documentary, French Beauty!

It's basically two hours dedicated to the allure of French women, their effortless charm and beauty, and it might as well be subtitled, "The Kind You'll Never Know, So Have Another Croissanwich You Gauche American Cow." Or maybe that was just my neuroses talking to me again.

But it's true. What is it with French women? And how do they AGE that way??

Juliette Binoche

Emmanuelle Beart

Isabelle Huppert

Catherine Deneuve

Fanny Ardant

Brigitte Bardot

Sophie Marceau

Jeanne Moreau


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Alannah said...

Wow. Creepy.

Alisson said...

He is a spammer, I think I had a similar post on my first page ever!!! Creepy, too.
I like your post (and hate it too!) on the beautiful french women. I work with a lot of French-Canadian women and they are equally beautiful, exotic looking and with flawless skin.

Lori Mocha said...

Is Joshua single?

And the French can suck my Big Mac.

miss marty said...

watching the triplets of bellville might be your only hope to find imperfect french women.

miss marty said...

and uhh, that post by mr. joshua reminds me of creepy tyson emails. eeeck!!

Anonymous said...

Don't lie, if he had typed Dear Warmly Alannah you would be blogger bffs right now. My favorite part is where he makes mention of Titanic and is trying to think of the song 'My Heart Will Go On' but instead brings up U2's 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For'.

Oh, and not being French myself, I am doing my durndest to get that youthful glow by drinking and eating as much wine and cheese as possible. And if I thought a baguette or two while wearing a beret would help, I'd do that, too! Am I generalizing too much, you think?

ReckenRoll said...

Joshua scares me. I feel violated on your behalf.

My theory on French women, a diet of espresso and cigarettes (with the occasional indulgence of the best chocolate on the planet) combined with the best beauty products on the planet is a winning combination.

It's merde really.

jeff mac, said...

Don't know if this relates, but I read somewhere that aloof disdain is just the best thing for the skin.