Friday, October 12, 2007

I Wonder If Twelve Is Too Young for Coffee

Yesterday Stella went on a field trip to Kansas City. I had to take her to the school at 4:30am (not a typo) to meet the school bus. She come home exhausted but excited from her big day. She must have forgotten to re-set her alarm because at 5:00 this morning she yells downstairs, "Mo-om! MOM! We're going to be late!" The dog started barking. D. jumped out of bed; I was dead to the world. Once he told her what time it was she figured out what had happened and went back to bed for two hours. The kicker is that today is also her school picture day so she had gotten all gussied up for the event. I went upstairs at 7 to take her to school and she was fast asleep on her back in her carefully selected outfit and perfectly brushed hair - like a preteen Snow White. She had woken up at 3:45 a-freakin'-m to get ready...completely oblivious.

I was teasing her about waking up so early and she said, "I should have known something was wrong when I fell asleep in the shower."


step right up said...

Oh Good Lord! I'm glad she didn't drown.

Alisson said...

That is so funny!! Sly was so oblivious that his school pictures were being taken that he ended up wearing a Homer Simpson T-shirt with Homer's (old school Homer) giant head front and center. I am sure Stella looked good, you will have to send me a picture--I will send you one of the boys.

Stephanie said...

I just asked my son, "Do you know a girl in GT named Stella?" He said he knows the name, but hasn't met her and doesn't even know what she looks like (they're not in the same GT class) BUT they 'chatted' on the bus on the DS "pictochat."

Hm, maybe we do need to talk :)

Alannah said...

I heard that all that time spent on the buses were the best part of the whole trip!