Friday, October 19, 2007



I hear it's Friday but I haven't had time to verify it.

That means I have to figure out how not to look like a hillbilly in front of Anthony Bourdain.


Anonymous said...

Do you have time for any dental work?
disclaimer: I hope you know that is just some hillbilly humor and I do not think you have jacked up teeth.

Alannah said...

I have nearly perfect teeth. It goes against all conventional wisdom, having a British father and Arkansas mother.

I just get so nervous when people visit Arkansas for the first time. I brace myself for their first experience with bigotry or dumbassness.

Anonymous said...

Oh honey, that's everywhere. Not just in Arkansas.

miss marty said...

amen to that.

p.s. just talk about sous-vide cooking. i was told it's all the rage. lol.