Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The End Of An Era?

Last night was probably the last night (for a long while, at least) of our wonderful and delicious dinners with Angela. She's starting a new and exciting chapter out West and I will miss her (and her knowledge and suggestions!) soooo much.

Last night I made a yummy standard - sausage (chicken sausage w/ basil & pine nuts), fennel, tomatoes, peppers, onions and garlic all stewed together served over polenta. Ang brought some tasty wine. Then we watched trash tv! The Girls Next Door and Nip/Tuck. Holy crap...was Nip/Tuck's dialogue always so awful? We kept cracking up and trying to guess the next clunker of a line. It was a great night. We used to have those kinds of great nights all the time when we lived together. Angela was an angel for us in many ways. She got me out of my mother's house, for one (and that's a biggie), she's been a loyal and wonderful friend since Chemistry class in high school, a great aunt to Stella, a great sister to me....she deserves this happiness and a new adventure but I'm selfishly going to miss her very much.
Sometimes she wears clothes that lie....

and sometimes not.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry she's moving away. I'm usually the friend that moves away. Look at it as an opportunity to go visit her in a place maybe you've never been. Though sadly, not many of my friends have come to visit me. I guess I moved TOO far away.