Monday, November 19, 2007

Here Goes Nothing

I've been tagged by Step Right Up!

A-Z more than you would ever want to know about me.

A - Austin, Texas. The city I live in, in an alternate reality. It's where I should be living...if everything had taken a different course.

B - Bacon. There's really nothing like meat cooked in its own sizzling fat.

C - Clawfoot bathtubs. I need one again. Real bad. I love the way they look, love the way they contour just perfectly for long baths.

D - Drawl. I wish mine were thicker. I love it when my extended family (from the "real" opposed to the Ozarks) gets together and it takes them four times longer to say things because the vowels are so stretched out.

E - Eureka Springs. The craziest, weirdest, wacked-out artsy, gay, retiree, and Christian-filled little town in the South. I love that it raised and nurtured me during my formative years and continues to be a haven of sorts for me. I always say that if you "get" Eureka, then you get me. I love that I met D. there. I love that I don't have to explain what makes that place so special to him.

F - Feminism. It's about fairness. Simple as that.

G - Goddamnit. My favorite curse word. A little ironic, seeing as how I'm most likely agnostic.

H - HOT TAMALES! This is my absolute favorite candy. Mmmm....spicy, sweet wax!

I - Itching. The worst form of torture, in my opinion. Luckily I don't think I'm allergic to poison ivy. I used to get hives, however, when I was a kid. And mosquitoes are my arch-enemies.

J - Journey! Has there ever been a mulleted man more earnest or pleading than Steve Perry? Best songs to listen to loudly, driving around with the windows down: "Lovin', Touchin' Squeezin'" and "Girl Can't Help It."

K - KCRW - best radio station to listen to on iTunes while I'm working.

L - Left eye. Mine has nerve damage so it won't turn left. It makes me go cross-eyed. Kids stare at me. My pictures turn out funny. I have a "good side," photographically speaking. Just like Barbra Streisand!

M - Mint chocolate chip. My favorite ice cream flavor.

N - Nostalgic. I am getting better but I used to be nostalgic about everything, from curled-and-hairsprayed bangs (I called them hair flowers) to VHS tapes to rotary phones.

O - One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez - all-time favorite book. I try to read it every few years. I'm due for a re-reading.

P - Photography - If I could live a life of leisure and pursue any art just for the hell of it, photography would be my medium. I like the idea of other people seeing things the way I saw them.

Q - Quixotic.

R - Rivers. My favorite body of water. I like things that move on a path, not just sit around getting dirty and gross like pools, ponds, and lakes. Or are salty and scary like oceans.

S - "Sweet Jane" by the Velvet Underground. My go-to answer for "What's your favorite song?" I don't really know why. I selected it years ago and I'm sticking with it.

T - Tart. As in the five tastes, not as in pies or flirts. Otherwise known as "sour." I am addicted to sweet, but I can't help that...I actually prefer tart. Lemons, pickles, those hard Japanese plum candies - yes, please!

U - Underdogs. I'm rooting for them.

V - V-neck shirts. I would be lost without them. And topless, most likely.

W - Wine. The more I learn, the better it becomes.

X - eXhausted. What I will typically answer if you ask me how I am feeling. It'll save us all some time if you just know that now.

Y - Y'all. It's not our fault that there was a void in English grammar, but southerners can take credit for creating a second person plural. Y'all better reckanize!

Z - Zambia, ziggurats, Zurich....all places I dream of visiting before I'm old and cranky(er).

Now y'all come back in the next few days because I'm working on a really great, and very helpful Christmas Wish List post!


Anonymous said...

Bravo bravo on your list. I, of course, agree wholeheartedly on your Y. Tsk tsk young lady on your G. ;)

Alannah said...

I know, I know....If I had ever felt the fear of god, I might consider whipping my potty mouth into shape. Ah well.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

I love "Girl Can't Help It"