Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's That Time Again

Some favorite keyword searches that have led people to this here little site:
  • "ugly and fat photos of hillary clinton"
  • "year 12 - is all the stress worth it?"
  • "hunks work shop chit"
  • "i hate arkansas"
  • "bulbous mole"
  • "the semicolon is the bastard"
  • "macrobiotic sourkraut"
  • "velveeta pineapple"
I'd say that list sums up what goes on here at Sufferin' Succotash pretty well. What a bunch of crazy garbage.


marty said...

how do you find out what keywords led ppl to your site?

intraweb magic

Anonymous said...

I must've missed the bulbous mole edition.

I too, am curious how to find out how to find out what keywords are bringing folks to my site. But this is from the person who has tried unsuccessfuly to put a sitemeter on my blog.

Alannah said...

Google Analytics, y'all.

It's too bad you missed the bulbous mole. It's probably somewhere in a biowaste disposal facility by now.

Megan Chapman said...

Hey-this is funny stuff!

I was so glad that everyone asked how you had found that information out, and then so glad when you answered! Done and done!

I wasn't sure where to put google analytics on my blog so I found this guys post helpful too. In case anyone else has questions...

I so enjoy your blog. Learn something every time I read it!
Hope you are well...

Alannah said...

Thanks, Megan!

I'm glad to be of help!

The [Cherry] Ride said...

#3 was mine.