Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Think The Grindstone Has Ground Me To A Fine Dust

This has been a tough week. I guess no tougher than many, but maybe my coping mechanisms are a little faulty right now. Tensions always run higher around the holidays. I haven't had problems with anyone in my immediate life but I can feel that my patience is lower, and my tolerance isn't where it should be. So don't push me, is all I'm sayin'.

I had my first ever salon mishap, wherein my hairstylist (who is also a very dear friend I've known since we were 13) was touching up my roots and giving me a trim - no biggie, right? - but somehow, someway, dyed half my head a dark, drab brown. With my blond at the ends. We both tried not to freak out, but it was clearly something of a disaster. Of course, not on a global scale...but this was my hair! Women take their hair very seriously. She's fixed most of it and I'm going back in for a follow-up dye session on Saturday but whew, that kinda threw me.

Then that very same night (and I still can't figure out how, exactly, I managed to do this), I had some weird spastic reaction and jerked my arm and spilled red wine all over a.) my friend's new couch, b.) her new, pricey rug, and c.) my off-white skirt. There was a moment of "Oh shit! What do we do?" before we all scattered to grab rags and stain removers. But all the stains came out. I am a diligent stain-remover. You should know that about me.

So..this was a banner week for color and stain mishaps. I'm only drinking white wine and vodka from now until forever.

And I wouldn't even say those events were what made this week so tough. It's the undercurrent of stress that never goes away. I think I need a change. Not a drastic change, but a change.

No, you know what I REALLY need? I need that Christmas week break to hurry up and get here. EIGHT MORE DAYS!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about all the stress. Glad your hair is back to normal. How did you get the wine stain out?

Alannah said...

I'm glad you asked! Stain removal is one of my obsessions.

Now, ordinarily, what you use for red wine removal is a mild mixture of detergent and hydrogen peroxide, but in this case, my friend had a stick of a British stain removal product called Vanish. It was miraculous, how quickly it went away.

You may know this already but here are some key tips for stain removal:
-Do not rub the stain! It will only spread it...blot only.
-First soak the stain with water
-Then blot with a dry towel. If possible, put a dry towel under the stain so it can "soak" up the stain as it is removed
-Blot, blot blot...with damp rags and dry rags until the stain is mostly removed. Then you can move on to adding your other product.

The only products you need to remove ANY kind of stain are: water, salt, vinegar, ammonia, mild detergent, hydrogen peroxide and maybe lemon juice. Some combination of those products will get just about anything out.

I told you I was obsessed.

afro moon said...

If I may be so bold Stainmaster Massey..
when Darren & Steve still lived together..
Steve is an extremely clean person.
Steve was out of town.
Darren & Kelly proceed to party by drinking a large bottle of red wine.
Sharma's tail hits wine glass.
Wine on carpet! Wine on couch!
Panic stricken & feeling we are going to be grounded by Dad.. all we can do is stare at each other.. frozen, scared.
Until.. YES! I remember! I bought Club Soda!
Club Soda on carpet. Club soda on couch.
soak soak blot blot..
Stain gone!
Darren & Kelly celebrate with more wine drinking! because we obviously don't learn our lesson.
(p.s. I am bored at lunch. can you tell?)

Alannah said...

Club soda = another good stain removal item to keep on hand.

I feel particularly proud when I get blood and red wine and grass stains out of things. Esp. all at once! Now THAT'S a party.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I remember that time in a drunken rage (a result from the bottle of red wine I drank) I stabbed my neighbor on the front lawn. Oh lawdy! What a mess! I mean with all that wine, blood, and grass everywhere. That's why I ALWAYS carry a bottle of club soda with me when I intend to murder.

Alannah said...

Especially when said murder occurs in a natural setting accompanied by sloppy wine-drinking. Like a picnic gone very VERY wrong.

Jonah said...

"I can feel that my patience is lower, and my tolerance isn't where it should be. So don't push me, is all I'm sayin'."

I find that times like these call for chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

AMY said...

I know you about being ground down. The ghetto is wearing me out. I'm glad your hair is fixed, though.

Alannah said...

AMY!!! I ♥ you!

Stephanie said...

"It's the undercurrent of stress that never goes away." Perfectly sums up my week as well.

carolyn says said...

i think this is an international feeling of tension.

i was going to tell you how salt is amazing for stain removal, but you already know. it was foolish of me to expect less.

Alannah said...

But Carolyn - do you have the Vanish stick? I'm serious when I say that thing is miraculous. I MUST GET MY OWN! Why oh why is this product not available to us over here?

carolyn says said...

dude, email me your address and maybe the english christmas elves will send you a present

5 of 9er said...

Tensions do always run higher around the holidays... and it's a bummer.

And hair mishaps are never fun. :(