Monday, December 03, 2007

The Past Few Weeks

I finally took the time to empty out the ol' memory card.

Thanksgiving dinner table:

The Pies!

Coconut and Chocolate Cream

Pumpkin and Pecan Praline

Last Thursday we went to our friends' 10 Year Anniversary party. A whole house filled with love! Ten years is the aluminum anniversary, so one of the guests brought this amazing, unique, and beautiful arrangement made from painted sticks, aluminum foil and Hershey's kisses.

Kids: always a reliable source of entertainment.

The Enchanting Abbey and Kole Who Cannot Sit Still.

Robin - More beautiful today than her wedding day ten years ago.

Last weekend I took my students on our scheduled Social Justice-themed trip to Little Rock. Here we are in front of Central High School.

Dale Chihuly's breathtaking blown-glass tree, made for the Millenium Celebration at the White House, now on display at the Clinton Library & Museum.

We happened to be at the Clinton Library on World Aids Day. This year's largest display of the AIDS Quilt in the U.S. was spread out on the grounds.

I should have a semi-regular segment called "I ♥ The Internet." Because I do. I love how it connects me with people I should know already. This weekend I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon at Stephanie's house. We "met" via Megan Chapman's blog and it turns out our kids go to school together and we have a ton in common. Sunday we worked on jewelry, ate yummy snacks, and "clicked." It was the best Friend First Date ever! When I saw that her boys were eating this for dinner, I knew we could totally relate to each other. There are just some nights when you look over and realize your child is eating Lucky Charms straight out of the box, topped off with shrimp and cocktail sauce, and you think, " does say it's made with Whole Grain...and shrimp...there's your protein!" Not to mention the fact that it was SO FUN to say, "I'm sorry, but I've got to take a picture of this for my blog" and know that she wouldn' t be totally creeped out by it.


Anonymous said...

Please tell me you have some chocolate cream pie left. I'm jones'n for some chocolate!

Stephanie said...

Oh, yes, we always serve "balanced dinners" in our house :)
I had a great time too and am looking forward to the next time!

carolyn says said...

when we were in Michigan our friend leah told us how she got a job offer for a position in Arkansas and she was like 'What the hell is in Arkansas?' My answer, Alannah is is in Arkansas!'

I gave her your blog address and told her that you make a good case for the state.

5 of 9er said...

Love Love Love the photos!!!

The [Cherry] Ride said...

I will pay you to make me a chocolate pie. I'll have it FedExed and I am serious.

Alannah said...

If I could get all of y'all to come to Arkansas, I'd make you a chocolate pie for every day of your visit. I mean that!

Stephanie - this week's been crazy (when is it NOT?) - I'm going to call you tonight. I LOVE the CDs!

Carolyn - Aww, thank you! I'll make Leah a pie too. Why the heck not. Arkansas is a well-kept secret, I think.

Glad you like the photos - get ready for one of Stella riding a camel!

Cherry - Is your man a pie-maker? Even if he's not, it was fairly easy to make. And you can probably tell I used pre-made crusts for the cream pies. Here is the recipe for the chocolate pie. But I one wants a RECIPE for a pie...they want the damn pie!

Stephanie said...

By the way - I am loving that aluminum arrangement! Very cool. I wonder what the 16th anniversary gift theme is?