Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Why I Have To Ignore Politics This Week

From reading my latest posts you might think I've spending all my time lurking around Wal Mart and the ER waiting room staring and judging.

That might not be too far from the truth.

My newest group of students arrived last week. As usual, I have been helping them adjust to life in a different climate, culture, and language. Sunday I got a call from one who I knew to be feeling sick but I thought it was probably just from the long flight from Russia and readjustment process. Many students feel sick a few days upon arrival. This student said he was experiencing pain in his chest and I explained how health care works here and the long wait he could expect at the hospital. He opted to go to the health center on campus on Monday instead.

Yesterday afternoon the health center called saying he had pneumonia and needed to go to the Emergency Room immediately. Yikes! I felt horribly guilty for not taking him the day before. So of course we wait hours and hours before we are even taken back into the ER. Then we wait to see a doctor. Then we wait some more. Then there more tests were run. X-rays. Then a CT scan. Finally, close to midnight we were told he needed to spend the night in the hospital.

I spent some time this morning and then again this evening with him at the hospital. When I was at work there were something like 619 urgent tasks waiting for me. Nothing and no one is getting my full and adequate attention. Back at the hospital and still I haven't seen an actual doctor. The nurses are wonderful. This is turning into a case straight out of House. They've ruled out pneumonia, most likely. Too much fluid in his lungs. They really want it to be Tuberculosis. I can tell. But he's not coughing. Still, he's in an Isolation room and the nurses are wearing masks when they enter. It's too late for me; I'm already exposed. So he'll be at the hospital again tonight with no diagnosis and tomorrow he'll see a pulmonary specialist. My verb tenses are all over the place. Figures.

Did I mention it's also our first week of classes? In other words, our busiest week of the term?
And Stella's math teacher called me in the middle of all this saying he thought she copied off another student's homework and gave her detention tomorrow? And because of last week's events I don't know who or what to believe anymore, because of course she has a different story?

And I haven't slept more than 5 hours in a row in several days?

Want to start taking bets on how long before I just implode?

Thank Goodness for Megan, who sent me this bizarre and hilarious bit of crazy.

I have to force myself to go to yoga and not collapse.


carolyn says said...

Lots of peaceful and calming thoughts to you. I hope everything gets answered well and happily soon so you can take a break.

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart. I'm sorry to hear you are burning the candle at both ends. Tackle each task one at a time. Don't think too far ahead of what you still have left to do. I do hope for you and Stella's that she is being truthful to you. That girl is smart just like her mother. I don't understand why she would feel the need to cheat.

I hope you had a TB test done for yourself after the exposure!

Megan Chapman said...

Thinking of you and of Stella.
And your sick student...jeez.

Glad to provide some levity..."for me it really is KSW and I don't mince words with that..."

Perhaps you need to "cancel that from your area"

PS. I think I am an SP!!!

Take Care-

Anonymous said...

Ok seriously megan with the initials! KSW, SP?? ;)

- s. mcclure

Alannah said...

SRU - did you see the Scientology video? Tom Cruise kept talking in acronyms. Creeptastic.

step right up said...

Ohhhh yes. I saw that and I also saw Britney Spears with her photog bf while wearing her wedding dress while shopping for a car. Wha wha what?!

smoore said...

uhg, you poor thing! I'm so sorry your student's first experience in the US had to be an ER. I really hope he's okay after all this. and I hope you are too- try to get some rest!

Stephanie said...

ohmmmmmmmmmm and namaste

And Megan, no, you are most definitely Not a SP!

Megan Chapman said...

After Stephanie's comment I needed to research about what being an SP really meant...this is what I found: "An SP is a pariah. Anyone who communicates with an SP risks being branded an SP himself. [...]"

So, on that note I don't think I am an SP anymore, please don't shun me!!Man, but I do love that video- I could watch it all day!
Take Care Alannah and
Namaste to all!

Alannah said...

The question is, Stephanie, how do you know so much about Scientology abbreviations, hmmm?

Namaste, indeed. Let's go to yoga on Thursday. I need to stretch and sweat and ommmmm until I drop.

Stephanie said...

Wikipedia. The Wiki knows eeev-ery-thing. *head turns (figuratively) like Woody's on the bbq (Toy Story 1)*


5 of 9er said...

Wowzers... are you about to explode? Hang in there!