Friday, February 08, 2008

Because "I Feel It All"

We're finally done moving and I just filed my taxes so I thought it was a good time to buy myself my early birthday present.

Two tickets to see Feist at Cain's Ballroom in April!

(So, uh, D. - I hope you can come with me)


Stephanie said...

Well, if D won't go, you'll have to find someone else who will! Hint! heheh! ;)

That is so cool, Feist's sound just makes me smile :)

Alannah said...

You should get tickets too! Caravan to Tulsa!

AMY said...

Emiko and I will be in town March 15-18. I think Heather is going to have another little get-together on the 15th. We'll let you know. I hope we get to see you!

Alisson said...

Have fun, you deserve it!!!

I heard Huckabee on npr this morning saying he didn't get a degree in math, he got a degree in miracles!

I couldn't stop laughing.

5 of 9er said...

Good for you! Self rewards are a good thing!