Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cabin Fever: Condition or Symptom?

The weather has basically sucked this weekend - nothing but cold, relentless rain and thunderstorms. Even though everything we'd planned to do this weekend was boring and chore-related, it somehow seemed more tedious and horrible because of this dreary, depressing weather. The artwork is finally hung in our new house, though. It makes a huge difference! D. is careful and exact, with the measuring tape and the pencil whereas I just eyeball it, hammer the hook in and spend the next 15 minutes readjusting. I know his method is better in the end but I just can't do it. Ahh, who cares - I have an entire wall dedicated to local artists!

We're hosting a Japanese student for three weeks who was supposed to arrive this evening. Their flight was canceled so what else could we do but make cocktails, watch crap tv, and play dueling laptops?

I've learned that I can never again live in a space that doesn't have a fireplace. Ever again. Not much in the world brings me more pleasure than building, starting, maintaining, and stoking a fire. And it can't be a wood stove. Or a gas fireplace. Please. No. I need to SEE the fire. Smell it. Wait for the coals to form and get warm. I LOVE IT.

We only have like five pieces left from the rick we bought in December. How could I let this happen? I'm panicking a little just thinking about the lag between the last fire and when the next wood can be delivered.

Oh other news. Remember when I asked for good vibes? worked. I got a raise and a promotion! I feel very happy, confident and vindicated about it all. It's really NICE to get a raise! Especially considering how our economy is going....But really, it feels good to work really hard and feel like it's worth it, to myself and to others. So I'll be working on all sorts of grants and special programs bringing students from all over the world here. I love it.

I keep forgetting to take pictures. But:

Tuesday's Dinner - roasted butternut squash soup w/ roasted red pepper purée, broiled salmon & jasmine rice.

Valentine's Dinner - grilled ribeye steaks, green onion mashed potatoes, baby portabello/red wine reduction sauce, & wilted spinach. Very tasty. Oh yeah...and baked brie w/ crostini & sliced(bosc & red) pear appetizer.

Time to go scale Mt. Laundry.


Danelle said...

I have firewood for you! xoxo

Megan Chapman said...

Congrats on the raise and promotion.
That is awesome, from just the bits you write about your job on here you surely deserve it for all your hard work and the energy you give.
Way to go!

Alannah said...

Danelle! You are awesome! I only need enough to tide me over until we can get another rick delivered.

Thanks, Megan. I feel weird, like it's sort of bragging, about mentioning it, but I had asked for good thoughts sent my way and wanted to say that they were not in vain!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the promotion and raise! We're downsizing around here so I'm not holding my breath on that raise come May.

How I wish I had a fireplace. I would so have a glass of wine and relax if I had one.

smoore said...

congrats on the promotion!!! and I know exactly how you feel about fire places ;-)...