Friday, February 29, 2008

I Don't Like To Complain About My Job

This has been a trying week.

While I often wish I had the patience of a zen master, the truth is I really don't. Not even close. The students are testing me this week. It's pretty astonishing how people who are older than I am, with more education and life experience, can act like such little kids when taken out of their comfort zone.

Everything at home is going really well, though. Stella has been, dare I say, downright pleasant lately! Maybe it's the influence of our Japanese student who will live with us for another week. Maybe it's hormones. I don't care - I just want it to last a little while longer.

I reached my limit on political coverage. D. will have to get his continuous IV drip of CNN, MSNBC, NewsHour, and god-knows-what-else from the tv in the bedroom from now until after the Ohio and Texas primaries. Maybe even until November. We'll see. I can only handle so many talking heads jibber jabbering about the same pointless non-issues (Barack Obama's middle name and its usage, for example).

My personal opinion on foreign policy is based largely on what I experience with large numbers of people from many different countries in my day-to-day life. I think it's good to talk to despots and potential enemies. I think the game of "meet my prerequisites first" is damaging and far too political.

I'm so ready for Spring.

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Anonymous said...

Don't even get me started on how I wish employees would act like adults.

Good to hear things are going swimmingly with Stella! Maybe you should think of having a Japanese foreign exchange student in the house for as long as she is in the house.

And why must every political news station repeat the same info over and over for the entire hour they are on? There's enough news in the world that they shouldn't have to continuously repeat.