Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thoughts While Watching the Wisconsin Returns

It's nice hearing your comments in regards to this election.  

This new angle that Hillary Clinton's campaign has taken, attacking Barack Obama for his oratory skillz, is just so unfortunate and sad and misguided.  She won't let it go, though!  It's the desperate grasping of someone who is not accustomed to coming in second.  

This energy that he creates when he speaks....it's really something.  And energy, as we know, can grow and spread and influence us in ways we don't even understand right away.  I can see it lifting us up, and in turn lifting up OTHER countries, other people struggling against lies and corruption and old boys clubs and sneaky backroom deals and wishing there were something, and someONE they could believe in.   

I believe in him.  

Mamas for Obama!  Stephanie - wanna make some t-shirts with me?  


jessica said...

As I always say
...Be the change!
Well someone else might have said it too (uh like Gandhi)

marty said...

it's been hard for me to watch how the clinton campaign is going. when the race started, i really wanted to feel good about all of the democratic candidates, but i have become really disappointed with her. i don't appreciate her repetitive rhetoric. and... lately, she just seems like she thinks the world owes her something.

on the other hand...
i could listen to obama speak all day. when i worked at tyson, i listened to his podcasts just to make it through the day. despite what his critics say, it isn't just the delivery of his speeches that keep me inspired — it is the content. whether written by a speech writer that has been working wit him or written by obama himself. the point is that the words are inspired by HIS ideologies, regardless of who wrote them.

5 of 9er said...

Mammas for Obama... awesome!!! I want to be one. Please!

Anonymous said...

You know me. I'm not one to voice much about my political views so I won't really. Just wanted to say I agree with you that Hillary does not take losing well. Her disdain is apparent all over her face. She is not skilled in hiding what her face tells.

Have you heard about the older lady from TX who called the Ellen Degeneres show to complain about the plant on her set? She's now turned in to a celebrity herself. They asked her what she thought of having a woman in the White House. She said, "It's about time. Now if Ron Paul would just get that sex change!"

My other favorite quote of hers was, "I love Jesus but I like to drink a little." I couldn't have said it better.

Alannah said...

Marty - I'd love to discuss this further with you. While I support Obama fully, I also think he is not immune to a little dirty politicking now and then. His decision to go live last night as the cable news channels were right in the middle of covering a Hillary speech is the most recent example, but also mailing out tons of negative brochures to voters in Ohio and Texas.

I'm sure it must be tempting to fight back when someone is attacking you, but I really wish he would just stick with his strengths and positive ideas for change and HOW he plans to implement it.

marty said...

i know! i totally agree. we should discuss more..... i wish it could be over wine. :)

Stephanie said...

Obama, Oh, Mama!
That would be a great t-shirt :)

I agree that both (all) of the candidates can get dirty sometimes.

But I am just more disappointed with Hillary, probably because Obama has the ability to inspire me rather than make me duck my face behind my hand.

Stephanie said...

Please tell your grandmother that while watching Hillary debate Barack last night in Austin I did not hide or cringe. She did pretty good.

Lori Mocha said...


But I don't think she can win, damn it.

Anonymous said...

Don't mess with the t-shirts. I say just name your next borns Obama.