Monday, February 25, 2008

What We Do For Fun Around Here

We celebrated Robin's 31st birthday Saturday night. Before it was all over, the girls made a trip to her bathroom, Sunshine armed with a pair of household Fiskar's (she's really that good, y'all) and the desire to give Robin a new look. The result was transforming. Here's how it went down:

First it was necessary to fortify ourselves with Rotel dip and beer:

Then and only then was Sunshine ready.

Let's just call this Before.


And After. Hello, Gorgeous.

Baby Isabella caused instant mass ovulation.

I love this.


marty said...

so cute. rotel + haircuts = awesome


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! Rotel was used in the hair cutting process?!

afro moon said...

So you'll be posting a picture of your new hair soon too right?