Monday, March 10, 2008


Yesterday afternoon I was supposed to be hard at work on an academic calendar for this grant proposal we're working on....

But instead I went in search of and entered EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE internet sweepstakes that offers a vacation as a prize. Magazine web sites are good sources for these, in case you're as desperate as I am to be anywhere but here.

I know it's pathetic and lame and as likely to have a happy outcome as the latest season of Rock of Love....but I'm pathetic and lame and want a free vacation. I mean, someone has to win those things, right?

What have you done lately that you know is pathetic with mathematically impossible odds stacked against you?


AMY said...

Todd enters internet sweepstakes, and he won us a free trip to Hollywood next month. He gets to spend a day with the stunt coordinator of Die Hard IV! (Emiko and I just get to hang around the pool that day.) He also just won a 50" plasma tv and huge ass grill (different sweepstakes). So yeah, you can win!!

Alannah said...

Todd is my idol. I kept thinking about him, in fact, when I was entering these!

Can't wait to see you and Emiko on Saturday!

step right up said...

You're going through a stage. That's what I call it-a stage. I went through it entering sweepstakes online. I quit after getting tons of junk email.

Most pathetic thing lately? Trying to get P to ask his ushers to be ushers and get me his list of addresses. I'm feeling pathetic asking and waiting.

p.s. the inlaws won a trip to Savannah through the History Channel. It can happen! good luck!

marty said...

uhh, pathetic = entering a sweepstakes on domino magazine's website to win a set of organic cleaning products and a washer and dryer.

i win.