Saturday, March 29, 2008

First Saturday Without Working In Way Too Long

The thunder storm woke me up at 7:30am. Felt remarkably alert for having survived Margarita Happy Hour with the girls last night. Watched the original Manchurian Candidate. Sooo good. Angela Lansbury is the best creepy mom ever. I might need a Queen of Diamonds costume for Halloween this year. With the cape and everything.

Made a potato/pepper/chorizo/egg/tortilla casserole type-deal of my own invention and two lattes for brunch. Delicious and not as greasy as you might expect. Went to the library with D.. Checked out books - one on digital photography (I'm gonna learn how to MASTER this dang camera if it kills me), a collection of essays by George Saunders, and one about Jim Jarmusch. The woman to whom I paid my fine (still waiting for the Netflix of books...late fees are the death of me) was oddly rude. When I asked if a "block" on my account meant I couldn't check out books today with probably a slightly panicked edge to my voice, she sharply replied, "I didn't say that." Or maybe I am just oddly sensitive. That happens, you know.

Decided to check out UofA's Horse Festival. It was cold and muddy. Horse people must in a collective shitty mood because I couldn't wait to get away from them. The horses must've picked up on the energy too because there was a LOT of anxious whinnying going on. Disappointed that I missed the One Arm Bandit. Pretty sure I am overly sensitive today.

Checked the mail. Oooh, a birthday package from Kate and Chris (yay!) and also one from my mother whom I haven't spoken to in over 15 months. Huh. Okay.

Home to build a fire, cuddle with the cat, and crack open the books. Digital photography book is stupid. Not enough "how-tos" and too many "creativity exercises." Have a sinking feeling about the Jim Jarmusch book. The first essay references Saussure, Foucault, AND Roland Barthes already in the first three pages. Have violent flashbacks to my one horrible semester in grad school and promptly take a nap while listening to old Fresh Airs.

D. wants me to be proud of him for getting a "gourmet" frozen pizza instead of his usual Red Barons. "It cost seven dollars!" He tells me, waving it enticingly in my face.

Uploaded the CD Kate and Chris gave me. Bon Iver. Who? Am now officially dependent on the younger generation to keep me informed of new music.

Don't want to leave the house but feel vaguely restless. Liquor cabinet (which also happens to be the same as the cooking oil and vinegar and hot sauce cabinet) inventory: 1/2 a bottle of vodka, 1/3 a tiny bottle of rum cream from my sister's last trip to Jamaica, and one bottle of wine, decorked more than ten days ago). Potential mixers inventory: orange juice, flat Coke, milk. Hmmm. Never cared for screwdrivers. Coke and vodka sounds like something a character in a Judith Krantz novel would drink. "Simone slid into the leather booth and ordered a vodka and Coke, winking at the hunky bartender." Vodka and milk? Am cured of my fleeting desire for a drink.

What to do. What to do.



Jae said...

Interesting drink . . . sounds more appropriate for sitting around the pool than sitting around the fire. But - oh well! - if thats all you had in the liquor/cooking/oil/hot sauce cabinet! (No tomato juice? w/the vodka and hot sauce you had a start on a Bloody Mary)

I have to say that I have fallen in love with the ULTIMATE summer drink this winter . . . the MOJITO. Refreshing, cheap (coulda been my "Frugal" post) and the rum lasts a surprisingly long time here in my house. Can't wait til it warms up and I'll be mixing them by the PITCHER and enjoying them around the pool.

Happy weekend!

Alannah said...

You're right - it's much better suited to sitting by a pool. But beggars can't be choosers.

I loooove mojitos. I put ginger root in when I make my simple syrup - it makes the mojitos just a tiny bit spicy.

Happy Weekend back to you!

Stephanie said...

Oh, a fire sounds really nice right now. As does that drink with the vodka and grapefruit juice.

I'm right there with you on the library late fees. It's gotten so bad that I don't even try to get them back on time, because in some twisted way I feel like I have to get "my money's worth."

Oh, and now I've gotta check out the Manchurian Candidate :)

Anonymous said...

How about a flat coke, milk, and vodka and name it The Drunk Laverne. Ok, I know she drank Pepsi but like you said beggars can't be choosers.

Anonymous said...

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