Thursday, March 27, 2008

Greatly Overdue

The other day Kelly said, "I always know when you're busy because you don't post anything for days."

So yeah, you can say that again.

I won't even go into everything that's been keeping me busier and busier than ever (it's work. What else?), but here are some pictures...hopefully they're worth thousands of words that I'm thinking but can't write.

I guess this means going back to February. We loved our time with Miho, our Japanese exchange student. She cooked with me a lot. Isn't she the cutest?She showed me how to make delicious chicken curry.
She even brought her own rice.
Obnoxious nearly-teenager
My standard salad
Puppy cuddling

Emiko came to visit and was kind enough to bring her mother, Amy, with her
A certain someone turned 13 (!!)
Lemon cupcakes with pink buttercream frosting
I finally got a little quality time with girlfriends
Cute Robin with her cute bangs
D. playing in Eureka

It rained and rained in Arkansas

Beaver Bridge - partially submerged
High water & Smith's Castle
Redbuds. Harbingers of Spring!
Daffodils or Jonquils? You make the call


step right up said...

Oh goodness! I love the contrast between Miho and Stella!
I love the photo of you. It reminds me of you. I can see your true interest in the person you are listening to. That's ONE of your qualities I like best!

5 of 9er said...

Great photos... once again! Killing us with cute puppy photos. :)

marty said...

this update is full of goodness.

Alannah said...

We often joked that we were sending Stella back to Japan in Miho's place.

Those puppies are Blue Heeler pups that my friend is fostering through the Humane Society until they're adopted. They are TOO CUTE.

Thanks, Marty! I plan on just doing photo updates more often as I don't really have time to sit and formulate my thoughts.

AMY said...

I love those pics. The one of Emiko is so sweet! We bought our tix -- we'll be there for Martha's wedding. We arrive on Friday and leave Sunday. So I'll get to see you again soon!