Monday, March 10, 2008

Not A Fun Topic, But Necessary

A University of Arkansas student was murdered over the weekend. Yet another young woman's life prematurely cut short. Unlike what happened in Alabama or North Carolina, though, this appears to be the result of domestic violence. I can't stop thinking about her and her family.

Check out the comments section of the online article in a local paper. These people who are all, "Oh, I don't know if I'd feel comfortable sending my daughter to college in Fayetteville now. It's so dangerous" seem to miss the point completely. This wasn't a random violent crime. It's a horrible and tragic result of a destructive relationship. If we raised daughters to have self-confidence and self-respect, to get out of situations that don't feel good or are upsetting and destructive, perhaps they'd be less likely to get caught up in relationships with violent a-holes. I'm not placing blame on parents, because that's just too easy. We also live in a culture that is subconsciously disrespectful to women all over the place. Or maybe not so subconsciously (why hello, Eliot Spitzer! Certainly didn't expect to see you here!)

It's a scary time to have a daughter. But then again....when isn't it?


marty said...

all of these incidents are tragic. nc has been pretty rocked by the murder last week in chapel hill. it was random (they think), but no less terrifying. it's been interesting listening to the dean of the school speak and try to calm parents down. there has been a large conversation about "new fears of sending kids to unc". chapel hill is a lot like fayetteville. not exaclty a place to be scared.

on a semi-related note. i saw the story of the woman in fayetteville that was left in a holding cell from thursday to monday with no food, water or bathroom use. i made the mistake of reading all of the online comments on the morning news. awful.

Alannah said...

Re: comment on Morning News articles.

They make me sick. I'm sure it's the same group of bigoted jerks who don't know how to structure a sentence, much less a complex thought that make all those comments....but still! You think if that woman left in the cell for FOUR DAYS was their mother or friend they'd hit the freakin' roof. But no, she deserved it and should be sent straight to ICE. Sick.

5 of 9er said...

But thankfully there are good & intelligent women like you in the world who can teach their daughters right.