Sunday, March 09, 2008

Under The Weather

It seems I have some sort of mystery virus.

I've been to the doctor twice in the past week which is more times than I usually go in a year.

No fever. That stumps the medical profession. They really want this to be the flu, since everyone has had the flu this winter. But no flu. No Strep. Sore throat, body aches, skin sensitivity, and massive, overwhelming, extreme fatigue. Like I have to take a nap after giving Stella a ride to a friend's house. I have to lie down after rinsing out a water glass. I tried to go back to work on Thursday and fell asleep at my desk more than once.

But I can't miss any more work. Too much to do. So tomorrow will probably be the Worst Monday In The History of Mondays.

Pray for me (if that's your thing).

Oh yeah. And this time change can suck it. I WANT MY HOUR BACK!!!


Megan Chapman said...

So sorry to hear of your mystery sickness, it really sounds terrible.

I hope tomorrow at work will be do-able. It doesn't have to be pretty it just has to get done.

I am and will be thinking of you.

Feel better soon!

Alisson said...

Sorry you're feeling bad.

I hope tomorrow you have a chance to eat yourself some soup and drink something good and tasty for you.

Take care and get better.

Anonymous said...

Oh girl, you know prayin' is my thang. hee hee (but i'm serious)I'll pray to the baby Jesus for you cuz I Love You!

Funny thing is I have been going to bed at like 7 lately and I took a nap on Sunday which is totally unheard of for me.

Alannah said...

Thanks y'all.

I'm pretty sad that I couldn't wish you a happy birthday in person, Megan.

Damn. I was hoping you could magically diagnose me from Vermont, Alisson. Too bad I'm not a crazy person. I mean, I am...but that condition has also gone undiagnosed. What I'm trying to say is that maybe this is a cry for help??? HELP! I should go to bed now. Except I can't because I lost an hour of sleep this morning and won't make up for it until my alarm goes off tomorrow.

Stacey - I think maybe the baby Jesus is giving me a baby's sleeping schedule. Thanks a lot, baby Jesus.