Monday, April 14, 2008

How Misogynism Becomes Normalized

A few weekends ago, we stayed with my friend Robin who has two (really awesome) young daughters. The girls were watching the movie I have pictured above. Yes. Bratz Babyz. If the spelling* isn't bad enough, then check out their outfits. I watched as much as I could stomach and whipped out my little notebook so I could take notes on this horrific cultural nadir.

So...from what I could gather, the plot had something to do with these "babyz" who want to perform in a karaoke contest. They wear half-shirts and pull-ups. When something is really good it's labeled "Super Diva Fabulous!" They talk on cell phones. The movies features an extended "getting dressed up to go out" musical montage set to a bumping club music beat. DID I MENTION THAT (in name at least) THESE ARE BABIES?!?!

Baby hoochie mamas, showing their belly buttons (perhaps luckily, with no attached umbilical cords) talking on cell phones.....I'm speechless.

I wonder how long before the Girls Gone Wild baby cartoon comes out?

The future for girls in this generation scares me, y'all.

*Perhaps this is the time to mention that I have a special, hated pet peeve of words likely to be read by children purposely spelled wrong (daycares called Kidz Konnection, for instance).


The [Cherry] Ride said...

This is sad. Very sad.

One thing ou touched on here is the use of the word "Diva." I hate the way that word is being tossed around these days. Why/How has it become cool to be referred to as a Diva? Yes, I understand the original meaning of the word, but should we really be encouraging our kids to refer to themselves as divas?

Sadcakes. Sadcakes indeed.

Anonymous said...

Those babiez are hawt! Did I spell that right?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and one more thing.

You think Kidz Konnection is bad. We have Koalaty Time here. Okay, now I'm done. I'm off to have a DONUT.

carolyn says said...

oh barf X 10000000
god that just skeeves me out, what is with the need to sexualise not just pre-teens but toddlers too?

maybe this entry should be titled how paedophilia becomes normalized

Stephanie said...

There seems to be a cardigan-clad sociologist inside of me because I keep asking questions, like, 'what would I have thought about these dolls when I was 10 years old, back in 1978' I remember that was when Grease the movie came out, and I begged my mom for a pair of skin tight black leather pants. Because? I don't know? But the message was about the same: Sweet, pure, high on the principles, Sandy dressed in pink and fluff the whole movie, and in the end the black and the skin-tights made her "cool" and she got the guy.

Alannah said...

Stephanie, Grease was TOTALLY MISOGYNISTIC (but you knew that already, I bet). I could write a thesis on how misogynistic it is. I'm not saying it's wrong for little girls to want to dress sexy (although I could, and should)...I wanted to dress like Madonna - from her Like a Virgin days - every single day when I was 8 or 9. I'm saying it's wrong for marketers to constantly push the envelope. When WILL parents and society say that it's gone too far? When there is a Girls Gone Wild baby cartoon? When there are baby prostitute dolls? I agree with Carolyn that this should be retitled "how pedophilia becomes normalized."

Maybe I don't know what I'm saying. But I am grossed out and disturbed. Those cartoon babies look like bizarro toddler Pussycat Dolls.

Stephanie said...

And I will say it: it's wrong for little girls to want to dress sexy.

But it's pretty normal. To want to. And then some annoying parent comes along and ruins your life, because they love you and want you to grow up with a strong sense of self respect. Gees! :)

That alternate title, paedophilia becomes normalized, isn't far from the truth. Some parents just may not get that. That while they are laughing with a twisted sense of pride while their 6-year old daughter hootchies around in the living room, uncle so-and-so is battling inner demons, but he can't avert his eyes or his mind.

I know I keep repeating this, but I think you rock. You're an awesome mom to Stella :)

marty said...

i really appreciate this post. it reminds me of my thoughts on halloween — which we have discussed before. young girls seem to crave attention and it's sad that our society reinforces the idea that you get attention by looking slutty or desirable to men, rather than your true character.

Anonymous said...

Marty's comment regarding Halloween reminds me of a certain someone who dressed like a pimp from the 70's and her friends were dressed up like ho's. I'm afraid we may have fallen in to that attention seeking category but in the pimp's defense, she totally rocked the outfit and smacked HARD!

5 of 9er said...

It all started with the Smurfs... all of those boy Smurfs and one trampy Smurfet.