Monday, April 28, 2008

I Never Want to Leave a Campfire

We just got back from three glorious days camping deep in the Ozark Mountains. We drove there during a violent thunderstorm. Friday night the rain stopped, though and it was gorgeous and sunny during the days. At night, it got COLD. But we had a blast. I'm filthy, stink of campfire and am covered in bug bites and I can't wait to do it again.

We camped somewhere in there:
Will, earning his keep by chopping firewood.

The railroad tracks.

Railroad sign.

Bucolic scene, a short walk down the railroad tracks. Stella told me this was her favorite tree.

Close-up of a railroad tie. It doesn't even really look like wood at first.

Gangsta Stella with a found jawbone.

A bunch of us ran down to the tracks to watch the train we could look for our smashed coins!

Across the river.

Bonfire on Saturday night.

Fiery sparks.

This snake danced. He would bob and weave from side to side.

This one is so getting printed and framed.


Anonymous said...

Cold camping just means more snuggling! Do any of your students really hate the camping? I think about 90% of one of my niece's photos are of the gangsta pose.

carolyn says said...

as much as i don't like camping, you always make it look so nice

marty said...

i am officially jealous.