Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Monday on Tuesday

WHAT A DAY, people.

Students are sick. Stella is sick. Chicklet has a growing abscess at the base of her tail due to the frequent ass-beatings she gets from the neighborhood cats, each of whom, I swear, is the size of a raccoon. And then there's the work. The constant work.

We're supposed to go camping for three days this weekend and if I have to drag a sick teenager out to the woods and pay someone $100 to take care of the pus-filled cat and feed the dog, then BY GOD I will! If I don't get this time to be outside, away from electricity and out of cell phone range, then I will lose it. I really will.

I ran home at lunch today to make chicken soup for Stella and to lance the abscess. All the while I'm fielding calls from work. This is my life....a phone glued to my ear as I'm stirring soup and holding the cat down to feel around her butt for a puncture wound. Ahhh, the glamorous life.

Enough bitching and moaning. On to the pictures:
Tulips on the Fayetteville square.

I love the shape of these succulents. Cacti? What the hell ARE these futuristic plants?

This is Mikey. He's sweet.

Stella had to do an independent study for her G/T class. Perhaps because of our great experience hosting Japanese students and cooking with them, she chose to study sushi. She made it for her class:

Speaking of Stella....here is an example of the face she makes when she's doing a self-portrait:
And then here's the face she makes when I'M behind the camera:
Her outfit is so totally 80s, right? Hilarious.


carolyn says said...

you DO live the glamorous life! before the abcesses you were close, but now you are spot on

mikey looks like my friend Dana's cat Foodlion. Foodlion (often referred to as The Foodlion) is also a sweetie

step right up said...

I am soooo glad I am not required to carry a phone on me at work! I love the leisure of returning calls when it's convenient for ME.

P on the other hand has to have his work phone on 24/7. He gets calls at ALL times of the day and night. Annoying!

I love tulip time at the square in Fayetteville!

If I had a daughter who was as smart and beautiful as Stella, I'd be one proud Mama!

Stephanie said...

Aaaah! A weekend in the woods, camping, under the stars and all that fresh air, before the bugs come out in force: ohmmmmm.

I hope all the stars and moons align and that you make it out there :)

Oh, and that Stella, making sushi? So cool. I want to try that sometime too. W decided he wants to learn Swedish for his independent study - I showed him how to download iTunes Swedish lessons. Okay, okay... and I'm sure I'll teach him some too :)