Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Last of the Outlaws

Happy birthday Willie Nelson! 75 years. Wow.

His was the first concert I ever went to. Willie played the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs in 1985. The adults were all crowded into the dining room to hear him play and all the kids had free reign of the hotel. Back then the carpet looked exactly like the carpet of the hotel in The Shining. Once in a while we would cram through the throng of adults in the dining room to hear some songs but mostly we ran through the halls and darted into various rooms. We stayed after the concert and collected all the flowers from the tables. I drank my first Shirley Temple and learned that's what sophisticated kids ordered when they wanted to be like the adults, ordering drinks with names.

There was always Willie Nelson music in our house. I saw Honeysuckle Rose in the theater, for cryin' out loud.

Four years ago he played in Eureka again, and this time I was working at the Auditorium where he played. His show was far less, err, energetic but he still pulled it off, especially considering he was older than 70! He knew what the audience wanted to hear and he appeased them.

So here's to Willie Nelson - they just dont' make 'em like him anymore.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Willie! I sat on his lap when I was little. He was over at my friend Jenny Brown's house because her dad was friends with him somehow. Jenny and I were running through the house playing as youngsters do and Willie liked my long hair and set me in his lap for a while. Truthfully, I was a little scared. But I was also scared of the Malaysian UofA students at our church that always wanted me to sit with them when I was little because I looked like them. ha ha!

john mark said...

wow. i heard this morning on the radio that tina turner is going on tour this summer. and she is seventy years old. SEVENTY YEARS OLD. wow.

carolyn says said...

happy brithday to willie! this should be an international holiday.

do you think my boss will buy it if i tell him i can't work because in AMerica it's willie's big day?

smoore said...

amen, sister! his is the first music I can remember listening to as a child as well. oh, and I do believe his 'willie and friends' tour was my first concert, back in '83 or '84...

long live willie!